Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I'm not really a fan of self-portraits until instagram...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Give Me All the Calories in the World

It is really this big @ 50's Diner
in Baguio City
Calories Needed for Goal Weight

Results (from calorie count)

You should consume about 2,021 calories a day to reach your goal weight of 110 lbs . This is at a reasonable weight gain average of 1 lbs per week, which should be reached by July 06, 2012.

Experts recommend weight gain of about 1 lb per week. Remember that this estimate is based on your body weight, height, age, gender, and activity level. It may vary slightly depending on other factors.

Generally, women should not consume any less than 1,200 calories per day, and men should not consume less than 1,500 calories per day. 

So, let's start the ball rolling! Wish me luck!

And by July, I will see you in the best and satisfying eat-all-you-can feasts in Manila (Yakimix or Red Kimono or Sakae Sushi or Spiral (!) or Bono Yaki).

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Wedding

I was re-arranging my clutter at home when I saw some of my old stuffs in high school and college. I had this old notebook of poems I made. This one caught my eye and I just wanted to share it. It has been structured the way we were taught in school. And I can't seem to remember why I created something like this.


Down the bridge
A maiden stood
In a long white gown
In church it should
Weeping endlessly
Her eyes blurry
That made the flowing river
Whisper sorry
Her crimson lips
Now been washed with tears
Unable to say
She seized the day
Her groom indeed
Was gone without a word
Leaving her behind the dark world
A heart that as sweet as she
She wondered why it couldn't be
But never again
The maiden vowed
Will she ever walk
In the aisle of doubt

Monday, February 13, 2012

Just for this Heart's Season

The intimacy experiment....

I just watched Rachel Ray's episode today and found myself locked and fascinated by their topic. She was joined by the TV's strongest reality couple, Trista and Ryan Sutter. It was all about the 10-day Intimacy Experiment and how it helped them maintain that 'spark' in their marriage.

I downloaded the e-book version, and mind you, as I was scanning the pages, it's not about what the picture presumes. It's all about re-connection and building relationships.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

My open-air design photobooth is rockin!

Found an interesting site on the web. It kinda gave me that push to continue with my hobby. I do love taking pictures. One day, I just thought why not make a small living out of it. So, I started this simple photobooth. I really don't know what my photobooth style is. All I know is that it looks like you're in a modeling studio where there is an SLR camera on a tripod, studio lights, reflector rise umbrella, laptop, a portable backdrop, and a hidden portable printer. I also get to use photoshop in creating designs for the frames (and I thank that one person who taught me this). Anyway, the printed output is just the same as other photobooth owners. By the way, I started my photobooth business last August 30, 2010. I will blog soon the story behind my photobooth. :)

I thought the traditional box-type photobooth design is better until I found this article.

3 Advantages of Open Air Photobooths

By: Neilsen Yu on ezinearticles.com

If you're planning an event and have been doing research on renting a photobooth, chances are high that you've come across two different types of photobooth styles: (1) the traditional (or classic) photobooth and (2) the open-air design, also known as the "CrazyBooth". The two are similar in concept, but in execution, they take completely different approaches.
On the one hand you have the classic, "box" photobooth which we're all familiar with. It is constructed (or assembled) into an all-in-one-box that holds the guests, fires the flash, takes the picture, and prints out the strips instantly. No outside inputs are needed (other than the guests themselves!). On the other hand, you have the open-air photobooth. This setup is like a portable, mini photography studio, consisting of a portable studio backdrop system, studio lighting strobes & modifiers, camera on tripod with remote control, LCD TV for viewing shots immediately, and laptop & printer for printing out photo strips. This setup requires an attendant or two.
Now, obviously both designs each have their respective strengths and weaknesses, and at the end of the day, BOTH will be for your guests a great source of entertainment and leave you with tons of fun captures of the people who came to your event. The goal of this article is not to knock the tried-and-true classic photobooth that we all grew up loving to play with at the mall, but to offer 3 simple reasons how the new, modern open-air design takes a great, classic idea and adds TONS of potential! So without further ado:
The BIGGEST advantage of the open-air design is that there is more space available! Where the traditional photobooth has a footprint of roughly 40″ x 60″, open-air photobooths can take up as much space as you'd like, with a typical setup being about 8′ x 10′ (96″ x 120″)! Now we're going to be focusing on all the positives of having extra strength, but it needs to be said that the obvious downside to more space is that not all venues can accommodate the space requirements and so for this reason, the open-air design is not for every event!
But for those that CAN handle the extra space requirements, the first positive is that the greater space allows for larger groups of people! No more having to decide who gets to be in the big group picture and who has to be left out. No more worrying about faces being blocked as you cram the box as full as you possibly can (and then some!). Because the open-air photobooth is basically a mini-photo studio, you can fit as many people as you like that are able to stand in front of the backdrop! Seeing 14 people (and even more!) fit comfortably into a picture is a very common thing! And of course, when you've got that many people together in front of a camera, you just know some crazy things are going to happen!
Not only does the extra space allow you to include more people, the other huge advantage of having so much space is that you now have creative possibilities that you simply don't have when stuck in a traditional box booth. The extra space allows you to "think outside the box"...literally! Action scenes! groups of people jumping! throwing people in the air! telling a story through your shot! All these are now possible because of the wide-open space that you have available to you in the open-air style photobooth.
See the links below for more suggestions with sample images on how to maximize the potential of your photobooth through creative poses, with ideas for different sized groups.
Finally, one often overlooked or unnoticed advantage that is afforded by the open-air design is the extra quality that comes from having more space, specifically the ability to get the light source a little bit off to the side to create a 3D look & feel to your images.
One of the basic techniques for getting high quality images in a photography studio is placing your main flash a little off axis (away from the camera). This causes all the faces in the image to be illuminated with a gradual shadowing from one side of the face to the other, giving a three-dimensional feel. The physical constraints of a traditional, box photobooth pretty much requires the light source to be a small rectangle, fired straight-on, right in your face.
With the extra space of an open-air design, however, your "mini-studio" photobooth can be set up with as many lights as you like to perfectly model your guests with just the right amount of highlights and shadows for not only FUN shots, but HIGH QUALITY shots! After all, if you're going to hire a photography service, you might as well get fun AND quality, right?
So there you have it, 3 simple ways that the open-air photobooth style brings the potential for BETTER images from the photobooth at your event! If your venue is limited by space, definitely go for a classic photobooth, but if you've got space and are looking for an awesome experience PLUS awesome quality images, contact us to reserve your date today!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5213675

Sunday, December 4, 2011

What a British Idea!

I met a friend and she came all the way from UK. She decided to stay here for a while (and maybe for good). Anyway, she shared some stories and facts about her experiences in UK. She had lived there for 8 years. And what an amazing accent! She speaks well and communicates well. On one of her sharing moments, she mentioned about this advent calendar that her child really enjoys every Christmas season. It was a December calendar where there are windows for each day of december. And you only get to open one window each day and inside those windows are... chocolates!

So out of that shared idea I thought why can't I do that too? It is really interesting and creative. It is something new for Lara, and she would be thrilled definitely! I just have to remind her that only one window can be opened each day. You know what? She was really excited when she saw it. She can't wait to open the other windows!

Here's what  I did: I inserted cardboard inside the advent calendar so that I can tuck in place the gifts I decided to give her everyday. It won't be expensive gifts because the windows are small. I listed down the things she would love and  bought them one by one. These are button artistic earrings, flat tops chocolates, pretty little hair clips, potchi, hearty messages from me, fortune teller notes (what to expect that day. it could be a call from her loved ones or friends), beaded bracelets, treasure hunt notes, trinkets for keeps, more chocolates, hair bands.. etc. And some windows don't have things inside yet. I am running out of small things to give her. Help! :)

And here's what it looks like:

Monday, November 21, 2011

Trash or no trash

I'm a real sentimental type of person. I like keeping old things, let's just say, with sentimental values. Before throwing things out, I look at them first and my mind would automatically think of ways I can possibly reuse them. I even keep old papers just as long as they don't have writings on the back.
I'm also a bit of a neat freak (okay, some might react badly. YES, I'm one big hell of a clean and neat freak!) I like cleaning my home everyday, even if I'm tired from work. My mop is my closest friend. I don't like clutter. I hate dust. If my daughter has coughs and colds, I blame it on dirt first (no kidding). I like keeping things organized. If you want to piss me off, just go ahead and don't put my things on their proper places.
Is this an OC disorder? Perhaps I have the genetic tendency of having one. I think my mom has a mild case of it. It can help you sometimes but it can be extremely distressing.
Anyway, what am I talking about? I only want to share some ways we can reuse those things we usually consider trash.

Hmm.. that Strabucks on the go..
I now use it as a medicine holder/organizer.

And that toilet paper roll..

How about some of these things?
- an empty tissue box for your plastic grocery bags/brown paper bags
- shoe boxes to organize your bills or letters
- old mouse pads for kitchen countertops
- old contact lens case for your meds
- old-fashioned mugs as spoon/fork holder
- chocolate or wafer canisters for your child's colors and pens
There are lots of ways we can make use of our old stuffs. So better think twice before saying 'sayonara'.